January 2014

The Best Hip Exercises for Men

hip exercise

For men, hip exercises are a fundamental activity, especially as you get older. Exercising your hips and other muscles regularly is among the most efficient ways to stay healthy and live longer. To keep your hips strong and healthy, do a combination of aerobic and strength training exercises, similar to…

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Sleep Tight: When was your last Good Night’s Sleep?

adjustable bed

While sleep is a perfectly natural human function, many people have difficulty getting enough of it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. It contributes to depression, unattractiveness, skin, aging, and even weight gain. Learn how to achieve a good…

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What to Do When You’ve Lost a Filling

family dental

Filling is an important dental procedure that may be painful and costly. This dental procedure, however, isn’t full proof, and may often fall out from eating certain food that jostle them out. In some instances, a patient may not even realize that they’ve lost it, and may have swallowed it….

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How Packaging Problems Shaped the Field


Packaging has come a long way indeed, from its roots of water canteens out of animal hide to today’s military-grade labelling. But this field wouldn’t be where it is right now if not for the dilemmas it faced in the past decades. Let’s take a look at the challenges of…

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Top 3 Ways to Enjoy a Lengthy Trip

accommodation unit

Travelling is among the best ways to go on an adventure with the family. It can start with a trip to your favourite city, all the way to seeing famous sights around the world. Typically, accommodation is always the main concern. Many families can’t afford staying in hotels for too…

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Why Choose an Incline Trainer over a Traditional Treadmill

fitness equipment

According to a study conducted at the University of Colorado, inclined trainer fitness equipment increases muscle activity and improves workout productivity. Researchers looked at its effects on the hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves, and it showed significant results even with just a three-degree inclination. Here are some reasons to buy…

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