October 2014

5 Reasons Water Filtration is a Necessity

Water Filtration

Water is essential to life. In fact, it makes up roughly 60% of the human body. Apart from sustenance, we also need it to flush out oxidants from our body. As such, you will need to make sure that the water you drink is of the purest quality. This is…

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How to Look for Home Care Services for Your Loved Ones

home care service

There will be a time that our loved ones may need professional home assistance. The process of assuring them – even yourself – can be really tough. Everyone knows that people value their independence. Having someone come into a person’s home to assist with sensitive activities such as bathing can…

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Heaven’s Door: DIY Steps for an Arched Doorway

Modern Arched Doorway

Small architectural details—when done right—can boost home aesthetics significantly. You just have to focus on highlighting the details and making them blend in with the overall design. With so many options available today, boosting the visual appeal of your home is much easier. Arched doorways are just one of the…

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Creating Window Displays That Draw Attention

The window display is one of the best marketing tools that your retail store has. Its design can make a difference in attracting passers-by to enter your store and make a purchase. You can do more than simply adding some lighting and arranging the display items properly. Here are some…

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Top 3 Essentials of a Modern Senior-Friendly Home

Senior friendly home

Caring for an elderly at home entails creating safe sanctuary—their features should be convenient and accessible for them. Consider creating a modern senior-friendly home that has these three essential features if you are assisting a senior. 1.Wheelchair Lifts Most of elderly people have trouble going up and down the stairs,…

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3 Things You Need to Know About A/C Maintenance

Just like with any machine or equipment, maintaining your air conditioning unit is more practical than just dealing with the problem when it arises. For one, proper air conditioning maintenance in such hot places like Sydney can save you more than a few bucks on your electric bill. Industry veteran…

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