March 2015

Planning Your First Comic Convention

Well-loved convention event

What does it take to start your own comic convention? Let’s face it. Not everyone has the money and the chance to attend the biggest and most-attended comic-cons in San Diego or New York. Why not bring it closer to home? The first comics convention was an event called “Comiccon…

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5 Surprising Habits that Can Cause Back Pain

back pain

While back pain might not constitute as a catastrophic event, several symptoms can disrupt your daily routines. Other than causing aches and discomfort, it can also wear you down and affect your mood. If you suffer from back pain frequently, some of your everyday habits may be the culprit. All…

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Managing a Farm: The Necessary Hygiene Measures

farming industry

Hygiene is paramount to anybody in the farming industry. This fast-growing sector is all about producing the food products we all need in the cleanest manner possible. For this reason, all farms have strict protocols on who can enter which facility and what a person can do in certain areas….

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Expecting the Unexpected When Expecting


Nothing is more joyful than having a baby in the house. Like anything else, however, welcoming a new member in the household needs planning, especially when it concerns the life of another human being. To make sure that your baby comes out healthy, consult your obstetrician in Salt Lake City…

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Extending Your Mortgage Term


Paying off mortgages should be o of your priorities. With that said, finding the money to pay off your loan is difficult and can sometimes lead to payment delays. When you’re experiencing difficulty in paying off your loans, consider extending your mortgage terms. Sandy mortgage company explained that by…

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