May 2015

Sharing the Event of a Lifetime on Facebook


Before the age of the Internet, people sent printed invitations to spread the news of an upcoming event. Hosts would go from one house to another, slipping golden envelopes inside mailboxes and await the RSVP for a week or two. In the business area, brands will pay for newspapers and…

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A Quick Overview of Server Consolidation

Server Consolidated

In computing matters, it’s better to pool your servers to create a single database server. It’s common today to do more with less, especially when operating with energy consuming equipment. Moreover, consolidating servers lets you create a high-efficient server machine. In the process, you can develop a profile to help…

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Career Talk: Four Reasons You Should Be a Paralegal


A worthwhile and multi-faceted career as a paralegal is ideal for people who want to enter the legal profession without becoming a lawyer. It is no surprise that many people from varying backgrounds have started the journey to becoming a legal assistant – regardless if it is through an online…

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Why Expats Need International Health Insurance

Working in Foreign Land

With 232 million people living outside their country of birth, migration is indeed a part of human nature. Regardless of the nationality, culture or religion, moving abroad is a promising idea. Some fly to other countries to search for work, others simply want to retire in a new environment. No…

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Investing in Management Rights: How You Can Maximise Returns

Choose the Right Type of Property

Australia’s hospitality industry is growing further, with around 6.7 million visitor arrivals last year. Reports claim that the statistics show an increase of 8.3 percent compared to the previous year. This opens new opportunities to investors wanting to enter the accommodation sector. As stock market often shows volatility, more and…

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Like Father, Like Son: Quality Time in Three Ways

Father and son

The bond between fathers and sons is a peculiar one. Fathers often impart lessons, skills and experiences to their male children—and these things don’t just appear magically. Creating that bond takes time and effort on both parts. For fathers and sons planning to spend some quality time, here are three…

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What to Do for Leaky Pipes

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a big problem in every household. Apart from wasting water, they lower the water pressure which is a problem if you’re fond of showers or are using a garden sprinkler. Before you complain about the problem, see if you can fix it first. Bring out the tools…

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Do You Know Anything About Sleep Disorders

An average invidual spends about a third of every day in bed. Whether that time is spent blissfully getting that much needed sleep or tossing and turning for hours depends mainly on your chosen mattress. Thanks to your memory foam mattress with that comfy topper, you won’t have trouble sleeping….

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Tips on Motivating Your Employees

Motivating your Employee

People are the most valuable asset of any business. You must treat them respectfully as you can’t run a company without employees. One of the challenges that employers face is keeping their staff motivated. There are some things that make employees lose interest and drive in their jobs. This is…

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