June 2015

The Best Time to Own a Two-Storey Home in Perth

Two-storey home

Buying a two-storey home is no longer an uphill task, as there are plenty of new homes coming up with bonus packages, excellent pricing structure and a spacious floor area. The stunning building is now known for its varied features, especially a trending classic architecture and clever usage of every…

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Practical Ways in Soundproofing Your Home

dry walls

You want to live in a space where calmness and solitude abound. However, there are instances when it seems that your room amplifies unwanted sounds, making your place a melting pot of noise. While it is extremely frustrating to deal with noises in your room, you don’t have to resort…

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Money-Saving Tricks Newlyweds Should Try

online shopping

Newlyweds adjust to each other’s financial appetite like a saint. This time of bliss and patience makes it the perfect time to try out different money-saving schemes to see which ones work for them. Nino’s Trading Company shares a few of them below: Purchase Appliances Online A man’s tolerance for…

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Focus on Yourself: Why You Need More “Me Time”

Taking a vacation

Taking a vacation is something that most people feel guilty about. Even though they actually deserve one, they refrain from using it, because they are afraid of the work piling up when they’re gone. They also worry about the perception of being weak or lazy. People have become so obsessed…

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Earning Big With Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizaki ice machine

Hoshizaki is a leader in ice making machines. For commercial establishments and the hospitality industry, having a steady supply of ice is important. For instance, beverage systems, cold storage units and other business purposes require high-quality ice. Having HACCP certification, the brand’s ice making machines have won international acclaim for…

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Curing Sleeping Problems the Way Nature Intended

Girl Sleeping

People and sleep problems have been at odds for quite some time. It is fascinating, since most of the time they don’t know what their problems are because they can’t watch themselves sleep. You probably don’t know what your problem might be, too, until your bedmate complains about the noise…

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Hacks to a No-Fail Low Maintenance Garden


Gardening is a hobby that will require you to devote your time and attention. Understandably, many fail in their attempt to keep up with the pressing demands of living plants that need constant pruning and tending. However, even the busiest can keep a decent looking garden with a few simple…

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Conducting Environmental Assessment for a Mining Project


Rock falls, chemical blasts, improper use of explosives and mine-induced seismicity—these are just a few examples of potential accidents waiting to happen in work sites across the country. Every year, a significant number of miners die or suffer from serious injuries due to mining accidents. As of May 2015, Safe…

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