Key Jewelry Pieces Any Woman Must Have

December 29, 2017

Jewelry can enhance anyone’s appearance. Many women keep a collection of key jewelry pieces that help enhance their outfits and even their features. Here is a list of the many common jewelry pieces that enhance Read More

Why Buy a Walk-in Bathtub?

December 26, 2017

Traditional showers and bathtubs can be risky to some users especially young children, older adults, and those with mobility issues. The US National Council on Aging reports that falls in bathrooms is a major cause Read More

4 Signs Your Air Vents Require Cleaning

December 21, 2017

Air vents bring you conditioned air to make your house livable. However, in time, the vents may accumulate dust and mold, and insects and rodents may live in them too. These things lower the quality of your Read More

Trip to the Dentist: What to Expect

December 20, 2017

Frequent brushing is good for the teeth, but it does not essentially guarantee good overall oral health. That is why regular check-ups with the dentist are still a must. That said, it is common for Read More

The Dentists’ Dentist

December 16, 2017

As in most professions dentistry has areas of skill that people gain more qualifications and experience in than others. Just as in the medical profession’s, the first point of call in the UK is usually Read More

Restoring missing teeth

December 15, 2017

Gaps in the mouth can look unattractive and contribute to other problems. Missing teeth can alter how a person eats or sounds when they are speaking. All of these effects can add up to making Read More

A bone of contention

December 15, 2017

Nature designed human adult teeth to last for a lifetime. But Nature didn’t account for how much sugar we now eat. Sugar is the number one culprit in tooth loss because it is what the Read More

What a difference a smile makes

December 15, 2017

Smiling makes the world go round. The smile is the human being’s most important non-verbal tool of communication. So not to be able to use it is the equivalent of not being able to speak Read More

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