3 Areas You Shouldn’t Ignore in Shower Remodels

A modern bathroom with a shower

Change is good, and so do well-thought-out remodeling projects. Enhancing functionality, updating style and adding value to your home are some of the reasons Ogden homeowners choose to remodel showers.

However, regardless of your reason for remodeling, it is crucial you consider some general factors when going in for a shower-and-bath remodel.

The Wise Decision

Remodeling your bathroom can be quite an expensive venture, but it is has a high return on investment, and you need to be careful about your choices. You can be less deliberate on issues like the paint, but the structural work needs to be stable.

Other key areas that you need not compromise on include:

1. Plumbing

More often than not, bathroom remodels call for extra drainage, the more reason you should be careful on your choice of drainpipes. Ensure your water pipes are far from your exterior walls if your area’s freezing temperatures usually get very low.

You can also upgrade your drainage pipes to minimize clogging.

2. Lighting

Proper lighting creates all the difference in a bathroom. Whether you need light to shave, apply make-up, or just wind down, adequate lighting will always come in handy. Utilize task lighting for areas you need maximum brightness.

However, do not have very bright lights above mirrors for a more unobstructed view in the mirror.

3. Bath and Shower

Replacing bathtubs and showers is a common reason for bathroom remodeling. It can be that you need to get a new bathtub or need to install an ADA-compliant walk-in tub. A threshold shower prevents falls when going in or coming out of a shower.

The placement of your showerhead determines your comfort during the shower session.

If you are looking to enhance your home, remodeling your bathroom is a great starting point. You will improve the quality of your shower time and add value to your home. Contact shower remodels experts in Ogden for high-quality products and services.