3 Bodmin Adventures on a Budget

Happy Tourists

Everyone needs a vacation from the hectic day-to-day grind – an escape from all the stress. Unfortunately, not all have the budget for a big escapade to more popular – and costlier – vacation spots. Cornwall has much to offer the tourist on a budget. And the adventures to be had are not so bad either!

From eclectic tours to many a fine restaurant in Bodmin such as Bodmin Jail, here are three amazing affordable adventures you can have in this oldest town of Cornwall.

1. Historical Tours

As the originating point of the 1497 Cornish rebellion among other significant events, there is much history to explore here. Many tours cover the significant sites in Bodmin like the Regimental Museum, Jamaica Inn and the area is friendly to explorers who go their own way.

One of the most beautiful walks to take is the Saint’s Way trail, which takes you along the beautiful Cornish coast and runs from Padstow to Fowey – perfect for the more physical of visitors.

2. Ghost Tours

For those who prefer something creepier and scarier, you should definitely check out the Bodmin Jail ghost tour. Not only does this come with an elegant dinner, but it also continues to a chilling after-dark walk around the huge jail’s many spooky areas.

Tour guides gladly regale intrepid ghost hunters with the rich history of the jail – as well as the ghost stories collected over the years. If you want to go out on your own, Jamaica Inn has a very spooky yet romantic history, and its owners are happy to tell the tales.

3. Food Trips

If you simply want to relax and enjoy a quiet meal, there is one of many a great restaurant in Bodmin that suits you. One of the most popular is Plaice and Haddock, which serves the freshest Cod in the form of tasty fish and chips.

If you are tired of decidedly British cuisine, there is a plethora of cuisines available. From Indian to Italian and everything in between, there is one sure to whet your taste buds.

If you are looking for a fun escape that is not too far or too expensive, you should certainly try Bodmin.