3 Common Dock Building Materials



But what material should you use for your boat dock in Rockport? Here are some of your best options:


A majority of people choose wood due to the natural look it offers. Although wood is sensitive to moisture issues, you can search for staining options to increase the strength and appearance of the material. You could also get other accessories to increase the value of your dock. Another important thing you need to do to ensure a long-lasting dock is an annual winterization for extra protection against any form of damage.


Aluminum is the most commonly used building material due to its unique characteristics. It is lightweight and easy to install without compromising on the strength of the surface. The material is resistant to rusting and, therefore, can serve you for many years. It is also less costly to maintain.


Steel is the toughest among these building materials and the extra strength comes with a high cost. Steel is strong and ensures that your dock is safe from any type of damage. Also, steel is not prone to corrosion or shrinking, so your boat dock will last for ages with minimal maintenance required. Due to the high cost of construction, steel is a preferred material for commercial projects.

Your choice of building material for your dock will depend on your budget and preferences. You may also find it necessary to combine two or more materials to create a stronger dock with diverse properties.