3 Easy-Peasy Pool Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Having a pool is easy. Reliable pool contractors in Utah such as Dolphin Pools & Spas can help you get started. What is difficult is being a responsible pool owner. But it can get easier with a few hacks and tips.

Here are easy-peasy tips on how to keep a clean and clear pool with less the effort.

Use a Tennis Ball to Soak up Oil

Did you know that a mere tennis ball could help you get those oils and chemicals from sunblock out of your pool? Yes, that is right! Simply toss in a tennis ball and let it float in your for hours. Best if you can leave it overnight or even for two days!

Then fish it out and throw it away or you can always wash it and reuse it for the next cleaning. Of course, you can do the tennis ball trick in between regular pool cleaning. But do not rely on this hack to clean your entire pool.

Keep Your Furry Friends Away from the Pool

While it is nice to let the dogs out and have them swim in your pool from time to time, it is not really that hygienic. Moreover, the chlorine in your pool can be dangerous for your pets too.

If you do not want to clean your pool filters regularly because of pet hair, limit their skinny-dipping or better yet, keep them out of your pool by installing pool fences and pool covers. These also double as safety features.

Scrub and Skim Regularly

No matter how big and beautiful your pool design is, if it is dirty, nobody wants to take a dip. So make pool scrubbing and skimming part of your routine. If you want to maintain a clean and clear pool, do skim daily.

If you want to have a pool, make sure you are ready for the maintenance part. But remember, the small things you do every day can contribute to keeping your in-ground pool clean and clear.