3 Essential Criteria for Choosing a Medical Alarm System

Innovated Medical Alarm SystemHospitals, senior care companies and even application and website companies are now offering a number advanced medical alarm services and features to their clients. It has been quite competitive too and you might find yourself wondering which provider to choose.

No worries, here’s a shortlist of useful criteria for you to use in your final selection:

Technology – There are newer technologies today that are vital and useful for bedridden and elderly patients. These include fall detection, wall-mounted communication buttons, GPS monitoring, smoke and fire detection, and many others that central station alarm monitoring companies offer. AvantGuard Monitoring Centers noted that these could all be monitored by both the wearer and the medical central station. Check which beneficial services would fit your family member’s needs the most and see which alarm monitoring companies offer them.

Support – Do the service include land line, cellular line, email, text and chat support? Can you include regular check in and voice extension services into the packages? Are there provisions for multi-person monitoring as well? The more choices and alternatives you have for monitoring and support, the better chances of keeping your loved one safe.

Ease of Use – Most of the time, your bedridden relative will not be able to manage anything beyond reading or pushing a few buttons. Meanwhile, not all elderly patients are technologically-savvy so giving them a complicated set of directions for operating their personal emergency response system can be counterproductive. Aim for medical alert units that are simple to operate.

Most of the time, service providers are already part of the hospitalization benefits you get for your loved ones. However, you can still check other monitoring systems if you feel the one you have is inadequate. There may be some added cost, but it’s all worth it to see your family member safe. After all, you can never put a price on your loved one’s life.