3 Interpersonal Skills Your Property Manager Should Have

Property Manager Quality Must Haves

The rental property business runs on the quality of tenant relations. It’s the reason landlords get the help of property managers who have years of experience dealing with renters.

Not all property owners are alike, though, but the one you should hire must have at least these important people skills:


This is on top of the list since the bulk of the managers’ tasks involve talking to a lot of people. They’re the ones interviewing tenants, reaching out to tenants’ previous landlords, discussing complaints of neighbors to neighbors, reminding (and rebuking for late) payments, etc. All these require good communication skills.

One mark of a good communicator is the ability to ask good questions. This allows them to clarify situations and facts, which helps in the screening process and pacifies angry or emotional renters.

Property managers in Jacksonville, Florida prioritize establishing good communication with tenants, exhausting all channels of offline and online communication to satisfy renters.


It’s one thing to build relationships; it’s another to be able to relate to others. The best property managers are those who can do the latter. They’re able to understand the tenants’ needs, make them at ease and earn their trust. This is the attitude that runs in the background of excellent customer service. This is what prompts managers to take action on complaints and motivates them to handle neighbor disputes better.

One way to know if someone has good rapport-building skills is if they have lots of experience in different fields. It’s natural for someone who comes from various experiences to relate to others.

Audience awareness

Good property managers know how to adjust to different types of personalities. What’s more, they have a strong awareness of social cues, which helps in safeguarding the trust of tenants. They know what, when, and how to say things to different people. This applies not just in real-life interactions, but in producing marketing materials for the rental property as well. They are experienced in crafting messages that would hit the tenants you’re targeting.

Tenant relations are the core of the rental property business. That’s why people skills are important. Do you have a property manager you can count on when it comes to improving tenant relations?