3 Simple Tips for Winning Your Clients Back

Man doing a thumbs up

Running one of the many screen-printing franchise business opportunities can be tough, especially when you’re up against the big ones. Competition can be stiff, with other businesses always looking for ways to outpace you. If you aren’t smart, you’ll struggle to survive and let alone thrive. If you’ve noticed that your customers — who once gave you business — have disappeared, chances are they’ve been taken by another store. Here are smart tips to win them back:

1. Shout your unique selling point from the rooftops

As you’re competing against other printing businesses, it’s very likely that all of you provide similar services. The key to wrestling clients back is finding your unique selling point and creatively reiterating it so clients understand why they should choose you over the others. If your USP is your exceptional quality, for instance, use it to draw and retain clients. It’s your best marketing weapon in a crowded market.

2. Study your competition thoroughly

You can’t afford to mind your own business when clients are deserting you. Your competitor’s business becomes your own, and you need to research them carefully to find out what they’re doing to beat you. If they’re using lower prices to entice your clients, then counter by providing an unbeatable aftercare package. Visit their website to see whether there are negative reviews and find ways to provide solutions that lead clients back to you.

3. Take advantage of your competitors’ gaps

Find something your competitor isn’t doing, but you could do. If they charge consultation fees, provide it for free. If they close too early on certain days, stay open late. These strategies aren’t underhand. Rather, you’re simply filling the gaps left by your competitors, and clients are usually thankful for that.

In business, you cannot afford to keep losing customers to your competition. By understanding and applying tactics that draw their attention away from the competition, you can entice clients back to you.