3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Your Pool

A fenced swimming pool

The summer heat always calls for cold lemonade, ice cream or a dip in the pool. This thought comes to both adults and kids alike. If you’re a parent, you know that the kids can get a bit rowdy with adrenaline whenever they’re around water — running on the wet ground, or doing somersaults where it’s shallow.

Their safety is a given priority during this season. You can set up a DIY pool fence, or assign someone to be a water watcher so you can maintain the fun. Here are a few more tips on how to keep your kids safe around the pool.

1. Teach them to swim

Basic swimming training is the best way to prevent kids from drowning. The best time to enroll them in swimming lessons or teach them yourself is by the age of four. This is the time when kids are developmentally ready to learn most motor skills.

2. Always have an adult watching

Water watchers, lifeguards, or whatever you want to call it — it is always best to have a grown-up ready to jump in if something goes wrong. The more adults there are watching over the children, the better.

That way, if one adult has to get a towel or bring out some snacks, there would be someone else looking out for the kids.

3. Educate your kids on the dangers of pool drains

Pool drains can either spew out or suck in water. If a child is stuck to a sucking drain with her head in the water, they can drown.

If spewing water pushes them, they can go to the deep end or hit her head on the side of the pool. It’s best that your drain covers are safe and compliant, and that you educate your kids on the dangers of playing with drains.

These are three safety tips that are often overlooked by adults. Make your summer fun for everyone by keeping your kids safe around the pool.