4 Signs Your Air Vents Require Cleaning

a man installs the filter of air vents after cleaning

Air vents bring you conditioned air to make your house livable. However, in time, the vents may accumulate dust and mold, and insects and rodents may live in them too. These things lower the quality of your indoor air and may reduce the amount of air getting into the house. Here are indications that you need to have the air ducts cleaned:

Musty air

If your system has high moisture issues, the mold may grow on the sides of the duct system. The air from your vents gets musty. Moreover, if you experience repeated allergic reactions and respiratory issues among the family members, the mold may be the cause. Hire air duct cleaning professionals in MN like Mountain Duct Cleaning to inspect your vent system for mold.

Dirty return grills and vent covers

The return grills and vent covers are the most visible areas of your vent system. If you open then and find dirt and debris all over, it is a sign that the entire duct system is very dirty. Open a few covers to determine the possible amount of dirt in the system.

Dust in the blown air

Dust that holds on to the walls of the air duct gets dislodged by the air pressure from the compressor unit. The indoor air smells of dust, and some dust particles may be seen in the air. The poor indoor air may cause respiratory problems to the occupants.

Poor working on the heating and cooling system

The accumulation of dust restricts the movement of air in your heating and cooling system by clogging the openings of the vents. With less air getting into your house, the system fails to achieve the set temperature. You may hear a humming noise, and the energy bill may go up as the system tries to compensate the low airflow.

Even if you do not notice these signs, consider having an inspection of your duct once a year. Duct cleaning professionals can detect issues even before they become a bigger problem. The cleaner the indoor air, the more comfortable the house is, and the less the likelihood of getting respiratory problems.