4 Ways to Give Your Fireplace a Style and Function Boost

outdoor fireplace at night

A fireplace serves both as a key design feature and a functional part of a house. It’s often located in rooms where it can serve as a focal point. Other than being everyone’s favorite comfy place during winter, the fireplace also serves as the center of attention. As it’s both a major feature and fixture, it’s worth every penny to give your old fireplace an upgrade.

Check out the following renovation ideas to boost the design and function of your fireplace:

Introduce a natural element

A stone mantle can transform your fireplace from boring to stunning. It might be a bit costly, but you’ll see how it’s worth the price. The look and feel of natural stone can enhance the warm and welcoming atmosphere of your fireplace. Other than being classy, stonework fireplaces are also sturdy and long-lasting.

Go lavish with antique

Install antique surrounds to give your fireplace a more luxurious upgrade. Don’t know where to start? Authentic Provence says that you don’t have to worry. You can find many antique fireplace surrounds in local and online shops. Antique mantels may be difficult to install, but with an expert contractor, you can get things done professionally. To complement its look, display your antique collection on top. The result is an eye-catching fireplace that highlights the beauty of your family room.

Make it more entertaining

Fireplaces make a great family bonding spot, so why not integrate your entertainment essentials? Have it renovated by installing cubbies for your electronics, such as smart TVs and speakers. How about setting up your gaming station, too? A large TV should perfectly sit above the fireplace and the speakers on the sides. Now you have more reasons to hang out in your great room.

Style it with Tiles

Never underestimate the power of tiles. There is an incredible array of tiles for fireplaces, and you can find them in different designs, colors, and textures. Choosing the right tile can be quite tricky so spend some time in deciding which style goes well with your fireplace.

You see, there are many ways to give your fireplace the much-needed upgrade. With careful planning and with the help of reputable supplier and contractor, you can make your fireplace much more stylish and useful.