A Brief Look into Estate Litigation and What It Entails

Estate of a Deceased Loved One

Following the death of a person, his or her family members expect to be the beneficiaries of his or her estate. However, that is not always the case. The deceased person might have identified a trust or a person totally unknown to the family as the beneficiary. That creates a basis of contention regarding the will of the deceased person.

Legal advice

Intended beneficiaries always find themselves in an awful situation whenever a case is filed regarding the estate of a deceased person, according to reputable litigation lawyers at Hobbs Giroday Barristers. In response, involved parties may hire estate litigation lawyers in British Colombia to represent them. The lawyers provide both legal advice and some level of clarity regarding the ongoing situation. Hiring such lawyers remains to be the best way of ensuring that the beneficiaries’ interests are safeguarded.

Deceased person’s will

When a person dies, his or her estate is inherited based on the will that he or she left behind. A will is often considered to be a legal document prepared by the deceased. However, there have still been cases where a will has been challenged in a court of law. Some of the cases are successful, resulting in the will being considered void. There are several characteristics of a valid will. Among them is the establishment that the deceased prepared the will when they were of sound mind and that the will was not written under duress.

Estate compensation claims

These are claims that may be put forward by an estate seeking compensation over the damages it has suffered. The damages are often in relation to lost opportunities for possible cash flows. During ongoing court cases, there may be a court order ceasing the performance of any income-generating activities. That may result in huge losses and hence a reason for seeking compensation.

With an expert litigation lawyer by the side, beneficiaries stand a huge chance of receiving their deserved share of the estate of a deceased person. The lawyer helps eliminate the chances of being duped into relinquishing their rights to the estate under contention.