A Smile that is Lost, Can be Found

Woman with her beautiful smileLosing a single tooth or multiple teeth can not only create gaps in someone’s smile, but also their self-confidence. No one should have to look far and wide for a smile they once had or mourn the loss of a full set of teeth. Once a tooth is lost, it’s not gone forever. If someone is seeking treatment for tooth loss in Cheltenham, dental implants might just be the answer.

Replacing a lost tooth can be an emotional journey for someone who has become too embarrassed to fully smile. Feeling self-conscious about a gappy grin should not be an option, which is why dental implants in Cheltenham are offered by dental practices like Cheltenham Dental Spa. These implants can cover the loss of one or multiple teeth and by forming custom-made teeth that appear like the real thing, no one could notice the difference. Much of the time, smiling exhibits the happiness that everyone deserves and it’s pleasantly contagious!

Health, happiness and freedom to choose

Filling the gaps left by missing teeth does as much for the health of a smile as it does for its appearance. As food is rather essential for survival, missing teeth become a problem when they prevent someone from eating. In acting as strong and natural replacements, dental implants restore the ability to eat whatever and wherever.

Dental implants may sound scary to some, but in explaining the procedure, the fears can be resolved. The dental implants is a replacement tooth root, a metal screw that is fitted into the jawbone. After being given time to heal and integrate with the bone, a single tooth replacement can be fixed onto the implant. Or, if multiple teeth need to be replaced, a fixed bridge or partial denture can be fitted into 1-4 implants.

Taking a lot of care in a little time

When it comes to considering dental plants in Cheltenham, time needn’t be an issue. Some dental surgeries can provide the designing, creating and fitting of dental implants and the replacement crowns in a day. That way, a broken smile can be fixed in no time.