An alternative to having your mouth stuffed with purple putty

Dental Plan Setup and AssistanceAmazing though it may seem, not every dental patient is keen to have dentists shovel bowlfuls of purple dental putty into their mouths, let alone then try and get both hands in as well to jam the putty up against their teeth. Some like it even less, if, having sat trying to breath through their noses and not gag like they are about to die, the dentist tells them that the impression wasn’t very good and insists on repeating the process. Mouths aren’t just places for teeth, they are passageways to the lungs, and we need them to be kept clear so that we can breathe. No wonder that some people really do feel like they are going to suffocate with dental putty, and prefer not to have treatments at all than go through the purple putty torture. Thankfully, there is now a better way to get accurate measurements of the teeth and nothing purple is involved. It’s called Invisalign Itero in London.

Invisalign Itero in London is a handheld scanner that great Invisalign providers such as Graham Tinkler use instead of putty. The Itero has several advantages over putty. Let’s take a look at them now:

Easy to use

The Itero goes into the mouth and takes hundreds of pictures of the teeth. The whole process takes a couple of minutes, but if the patient needs a break, it is no problem to pause the scan and come back to it once the patient has had a breather.

Easy to see the results

The results are immediately transferred to a nearby monitor where a picture of the teeth is built up in real time. When it is complete, the dentist can manipulate the picture and look at it from any angle. They can also show the patient how their teeth need to move to reach alignment and what they will look like when the treatment with Invisalign is complete.

Speeds up treatment

Because the measurements from Invisalign Itero in London are digital, they can be pinged over to the manufacturer in the USA in an instant. This can take several days off waiting for the aligners to arrive and treatment to start.