An Overview of Methods Used for Metal Fabrication

Metal FabricationBending, cutting, and assembling of metals to form various sizes and shapes is referred to as metal fabrication. This process is done in machine and fabrication workshops, using several specialized tools and devices.

Steel and metal storage tank fabrication is also done in a similar manner. Sheet metal fabrication and stainless steel fabrication are the two most common processes.

Metal Fabrication

The process includes welding and forming. However, there are specialized fabrication methods, which include other processes. These include extrusion, shearing, brazing, powder coating, heat treatment, punching, spinning, casting, and chipping. There are other higher levels of specializations, such as machine designing, hydraulics, prototyping, and electrical processes. The various stages of basic fabrication are cutting, burning, machining, welding and finally, assembling the product.  The raw material used are varied and includes plate metals, tube stock, square stock, formed metal, hardware, welding wire, castings, and other fittings.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

In the process of sheet metal fabrication, the metal formed are thin and flat pieces. The sheets vary in thickness and can be bent to form several sizes and shapes, including coiled strips of metals. This method is used to make several products, including airplane wings, car bodies, building materials, and food processing equipment. This method is used to shape different metals such as brass, copper, tin, aluminum, steel, titanium, and nickel.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

An alloy of chromium, iron, and other elements is stainless steel, which is widely used to make several products across various sectors. This alloy is sturdy, resistant to staining and corrosion, completely recyclable, and low maintenance. Different products are made from stainless steel in varying finishes and grades, depending on the work environment that it must tolerate. The various finishes possible are the satin finish, mirror finish, brushed finish, and the abrasive or coarse finish. Storage tanks, kitchen appliances, and other industrial equipment are products of stainless steel fabrication.

Industry leaders know which type of fabrication to use for their specific requirements. Storage tanks, for one, may require different fabrication materials than airplane parts.