Are Solar Water Heaters a Practical Option?

Solar panels integrated on house roofEarly forms of water tanks made use of the sun’s heat to warm the home. Decades later, natural gas and coal became the main source of power for water heaters and all other appliances in the house. However, these energy sources are nonrenewable and not good for the environment. As a result, there is a massive advocacy to use green energy.

These days, solar power is one of the leading types of green energy. A lot of homes around the world already have solar panels on their roofs. The latest innovation in the world of solar energy is the solar water heater. But is having solar water heaters in Lehi homes a practical choice?

Sunny Days in Lehi

The US is among the top five countries when it comes to solar thermal power use. However, that does not mean that solar panels are viable options in other parts of the country. Some states and cities are still considering budget and space for this renewable source of energy.

In cities like Lehi though, having solar water heaters is likely a practical option. The Utah city gets an average of over 200 sunny days per year. But the winter season tends to be rough. The snowfall is almost twice as much as the average snowfall in other US cities.

Backup Supply

The bad side of having solar water heaters is that you still need a backup source of hot water, especially during winter. However, if you use more hot water than average, having two sources of hot water will be an advantage. You can choose either a storage water tank or tankless type for your backup supply. If your existing water heater is still in good condition, you do not need to get another backup for a solar water heater.

Costs and Savings

Solar water heaters in Lehi are still not common. Therefore, you should expect the prices of the water heaters to be higher than those that use electricity or natural gas. Installation is also more costly than the average. However, the energy savings and tax benefits might make the shift a practical choice.

Talk to an expert before you shop for a solar water heater for your Lehi home. It is going to be costly, but there are savings and tax benefits that can make up for the costs.