Are You Afraid of the Dentist? Try Talk Therapy First

Dental PhobiaPeople with a dental phobia usually find it difficult to step inside a dental practice, let alone undergo a treatment. However, a recent study revealed that these patients would likely feel less anxious if they’ve had a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), also known as talk therapy.

No More Sedation

Published in the British Dental Journal, the goal of the study is to enable these patients to receive a treatment without using any type of sedation. According to a dental phobia certified dentist of, patients with dental anxiety are often sedated to make them feel relaxed during a treatment. So, the study looked at 130 participants who all have dental fear. After a series of talk therapies, 79% of the group was able to undergo a dental treatment without the need for sedation.

Talk Therapy

The high success rate can be traced to the effectiveness of CBT to help people identify their fear-related thoughts. With a series of this therapy, participants of the study were able to learn to replace their fearful thoughts with more positive thoughts. They also learned several techniques they may use every time they feel anxiety during a dental consultation or treatment.

Long Lasting Effect

The study stated that the impact of CBT on patients is long lasting. Hence, it is beneficial to the oral health of patients with dental phobia. Most patients with this condition often have serious dental problems due to their resistance to treatment. But if they attend therapies, these patients will be able to go to the dental practice and finally deal with their oral issues.

Many dentists say that having good communication with patients is the key to helping them relax. It won’t hurt if these patients consider going to talk therapies. After all, it has already been proven that CBT can help patients with dental phobia.