Best Home Remodeling Projects Worth Your Money

Home remodeling projects typically cost a serious sum, but if you choose the right remodeling projects, you can enjoy the benefits and even recoup the cost over the years. Your investment might pay off when the time comes to sell.

To find out which projects are worth the money, here are some suggestions.

Window replacement

You can expect returns of up to 80% if you get the right custom window installation in Kansas City such as Precision Glass. This covers energy-saving windows, and most homebuyers are likely to ask whether your windows are of this variety.

Attic bedroom

With a return of over 80%, an attic bedroom conversion is one of the best home remodeling projects you will ever do. This is more cost effective than adding a bedroom with new construction. Conversions cost significantly less.

This is a great option especially if you never use your attic anyway. You could always use an extra bedroom for guests or a new addition to the family.

Kitchen remodel

This one is a popular option among homeowners. You can expect up to 100% return on your investment, if you do things right. If a full kitchen remodel is beyond your budget for now, a minor remodel will still help.

It makes your kitchen look and function better, while also raising your property’s value. Be careful where you do a kitchen remodel, however; if you own a home that has been there since the 1900s, you should not even consider a modern kitchen. Always build a kitchen that matches the home’s design.

Bathroom remodel or addition

Homebuyers always like an extra bathroom, and appreciate a well-made bathroom. This remodel option can return your full investment. Aside from making your bathroom more beautiful and spacious, it is also an opportunity to improve the plumbing, if your home is quite old.

Be prepared to spend more, however, if a plumbing replacement is in order.

Some home remodeling projects are just more worth the money than others. Consider these suggestions if you are looking to do a remodel soon.