Braces for All

Woman wearing braces

Nobody appreciates being stared at, especially if they are at work just trying to do their job. But we are hardwired to gaze at the unusual, such as braces on adults instead of spotty teenagers. This conundrum of needing braces but not wanting to draw attention to oneself has stopped many an adult getting braces in North London.

Thankfully, the dental industry has come up with some ingenious braces systems that mean that people can at last get their teeth straightened quickly and discreetly.

Various dentists carry a range of braces in North London, and it’s worth checking some out, such as Denchic Dental Spa, to see how each system varies. Each braces system will appeal to a different lifestyle, budget, or be designed to cope with mild, moderate or severe misalignments, so it’s worth exploring before committing to one system.

The original heavy-duty braces for youngsters were designed to align not only the teeth, but also the jaws. This is work that needs to be done while the jawbone is still young and malleable and has not yet hardened, which happens during the teen years. Severe bite issues can usually be corrected with NHS treatment, although there are long waiting lists as funding is not inexhaustible.

What has driven the proliferation of different kinds of adult braces is the discovery that gentler forces can be used when mild to moderate realignments need correcting. This means smaller braces equipment using finer materials. Six Month Smiles, for example, uses smaller clear ceramic brackets and single, fine tooth-coloured wires. They move only the front six social teeth, and take an average of only six months to do so.

Other braces systems rely on mouth guard-style clear aligners, which push rather than pull teeth into position. These have the advantage of being removable for eating and cleaning, but require more discipline as they have to be worn for at least 20 hours a day to do their work.

These realignments may use braces in North London that are described as cosmetic, but in fact, straight teeth usually last longer than wonky ones. This is because they are easier to keep clean and therefore less prone to decay and gum disease.