Why Colorbond is the Best Cladding

February 21, 2015

Wall claddings give the walls in your house added protection, and when the cladding consists of Colorbond steel, this only boosts the existing benefits. Not only are these claddings beautiful in appearance, but they lend Read More

Heaven’s Door: DIY Steps for an Arched Doorway

October 22, 2014

Small architectural details—when done right—can boost home aesthetics significantly. You just have to focus on highlighting the details and making them blend in with the overall design. With so many options available today, boosting the Read More

Top 3 Essentials of a Modern Senior-Friendly Home

October 14, 2014

Caring for an elderly at home entails creating safe sanctuary—their features should be convenient and accessible for them. Consider creating a modern senior-friendly home that has these three essential features if you are assisting a Read More

Lap Pools: The Perfect Backyard Pool

April 12, 2014

Even if you have a small and narrow backyard, you can still make room for a swimming pool. Lap pools, or long narrow pools designed for rhythmic strokes, are your answer. Their flexible design allows you to have more options than any other types. Read More

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