Commercial Interior Painting: Choosing the Right Finish

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A well-maintained commercial building can be a significant asset to any organisation or brand. Refreshing your building with an attractive fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to impress and draw attention to your business.

If the colour scheme of your commercial building was not chosen carefully, it would be difficult for you to choose the hue to use for finishing. This guide highlights various paint sheens for the interior of your business that commercial painters in Wellington can use.

Matte or Flat Finishes

If your walls have small imperfections, such as bumps, quirks, and unevenness, then these finishing paints are the best since they completely conceal the surface imperfections. Previously, matte finish was avoided due to the inability to clean it without interfering with the integrity of the paint.

However, some modern flat and matte finishes are made with better and stronger formulations that enable them to stand up to frequent cleaning.

Satin Finishes

This finish is a little bit glossier compared to matte or eggshell. Additionally, satin finishes stand up to wear and tear and can be washed frequently and still maintain the same glossy finish. Moreover, it can be used in various commercial applications, which is why it is the most popular finish amongst many commercial building owners.

Semi-gloss finishes

These paint types are the excellent option for projects that require maximum durability. Therefore, they are perfect for high traffic, areas such as hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, warehouse, office buildings, retirement homes, retail businesses and office buildings. You can easily clean and maintain them without losing the original lustre of the paint.

When choosing the paint, it is important to identify who will be using the room, how many people, and for what purpose. This is because the painting requirements of day-care, for example, are different from that of an interior of the CEO’s office.