Common Areas Suitable for Botox Injections

woman getting botox injectionBotox injections are one of the most famous nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. The botulinum toxin type A commonly called Botox injection blocks nerve signals to your muscles which ordinarily cause muscle contraction. This causes relaxation of wrinkles commonly caused by aging and repetitive facial movements and gives your face a smooth appearance.

There are a variety of cosmetic uses of Botox injections in Salt Lake City. Clarity Skin notes that only a qualified cosmetic physician should administer the injections to prevent its toxic side effects.

Forehead Wrinkles

These are also called frown lines and are probably the most frequent site for Botox injections. The constant use of forehead muscles under stress causes these lines. They are typically the first indicator of aging. Botox is injected into forehead wrinkles and works by stopping the muscle contractions and hence reducing the visible wrinkling of your forehead skin.

Crow’s Feet

These refer to fine lines which form around your eyes’ corners as a result of regular muscle use. Crow’s feet lines are an unavoidable indication of aging more evident when smiling, frowning and squinting.

Botox injections reduce these lines effectively without giving your skin a stretched look. The injections restore a healthier and younger skin appearance.

Vertical ‘11’ Lines

These are lines found between your eyebrows in the little area referred to as the Glabella. The lines commonly form when scowling, frowning or expressing fear. Botox injections smoothen out vertical 11 lines and reduce their depth. The injection procedure for vertical 11 lines takes about 10–15 minutes.

People use Botox injections around the muscles of the mouth and chin. They assist in decreasing lip wrinkles and lower your upper lip to rid your face of a gummy smile. Botox injections are also used to make rounded, and square jawlines appear slimmer for patients who want to avoid surgical procedures.