CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Review: What Does “Hardening” a Computer System Mean?

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The hardening tasks for crucial computer management systems involve various steps to form solid protection layers. The primary goal of hardening is to get rid of as many threats and risks to a computer system as much as possible. It likewise seeks to find and maintain a good balance between usability and security. If you’re taking the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 certification exam, CertBlaster notes that this is one topic that you should familiarize yourself with.

What is a Hardened Computer System?

Hardening a computer system is an immensely vital step to safeguard sensitive information and data, in the most basic sense; a hardened computer system is essentially a secure computer system. Hardening works to reduce or eliminate the risk of threats to a computer system. It involves a couple of steps that form strong layers of protection.

At the very least, all users should be instructed to use complex passwords or passphrases for their accounts and then change their passwords every six to nine months. Users should likewise get into the habit of locking their screens when they step away from their workstations and not opening and downloading dubious attachments to email messages.

Aside from these basic computer security measures, one of the most effective ways to harden a computer system is to regularly download and apply security patches and installing a reliable firewall. It’s also best to disable file-sharing programs and close off server ports. This should go without saying, but a computer system should also have antivirus and spyware installed, and these must be set to download daily updates and scan the system for potential security threats.

Also, if a user does not need a particular software service or application, it’s best to disable and uninstall these. Because in the unfortunate event that a hacker infiltrates a computer system’s security defenses, the hacker could easily exploit unnecessary software and use it spread security threats or provide a launch pad for further attacks.

The Bottom Line

Greta computer security is all about finding the balance between maintaining user-friendliness and hardening a computer system against potential security risks. Employing the use security software, regular download of patches, and doing away with unused software services and systems could help make sure that a computer system would be well protected against security threats and harder to hack.