CONFUSION: Top Dentist Says Biannual Visit to Dental is Unnecessary

Dental appointmentIt’s a long standing tradition that in order to maintain healthy teeth, twice a year visits to the dentist is necessary.

However, Dr Sara Hurley, Britain’s top dentist thinks isn’t always the case.

For an insight into why, finds out more.

Bad Practice

While there is some justification to visiting your dentist twice a year, not only does it lead to a clogging of dental surgeries, but may prevent dentists noticing the occurrence of diseases. The rationale based from Dr Hurley is that the more frequent you visit the dentist; the less chance there will be for decay and other problems to surface and be treated. In other words, the more gum and teeth diseases are routinely checked, the better they become at hiding until it’s too late.

Appointment Schedule Should Vary

The problem with bi-annual routine checks is they rarely accomplish anything substantial and promote more harm than good. She added, “many patients should have appointments when they actually need it”.

Instead of routine check-ups, both the dentist and the patient should have bespoke arrangements that will better suit their needs. ‘The public needs to appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all and following an industry standard routine isn’t always the best solution.


The increase in dental surgical work has a direct correlation with the influx of adults who religiously visit their dentist twice a year. Dental work is costly and sometimes unnecessary. The Daily Mail reports, ‘Around half of adults visit a dentist twice a year, with almost 40 per cent going private. An NHS check-up costs £19.70, compared with up to £120 privately.’ Looking after your teeth can be extremely expensive so having only necessary dental work will help you save.

Of course, everyone wants nice looking teeth to boost confidence and to look and feel healthy. But, it may be best to visit your dentist less often than you think and help control your purse strings.