Considering Straighter Teeth?

woman wearing invisalign bracesThere are plenty of people out there walking around with beautiful smiles, many due to receiving orthodontic treatment. For those who would like straighter teeth, an orthodontist is the way to go. An orthodontist in Glasgow, and other cities across the UK, can not only improve the appearance of teeth but also how they work and how healthy they are. When the biting pressure of teeth is spread evenly through the mouth, teeth tend to have increased longevity and are easier to clean.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment

Getting braces can solve issues with tooth crowding, gaps, general alignment, bite correction, and even in some cases facial aesthetics including asymmetry. Orthodontic treatments can solve these problems with braces. In Glasgow, orthodontist practices such as Park Orthodontics can fit braces to treat patients’ specific alignment needs. Every case is unique and an orthodontist will be able to advise their patients on the best type of braces to use for their specific needs.

Types of braces

There are many types of brace on the market: removable braces, fixed braces, invisible braces, and functional braces. They use different materials, are fitted in different ways and can treat a variety of alignment problems. People who want to straighten their teeth should speak to an orthodontist to discuss their options.

Removable braces

Generally, less complex alignment problems can be fixed with removable braces. An orthodontist in Glasgow can suggest different types of removable brace including Invisalign, a clear brace option. There are also brace plates that work with gentle pressure from wires and springs to move teeth into better positions.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are usually used to treat more complex cases as they tend to work more accurately than a removable brace. This option is also good for patients who may be tempted not to wear a removable brace consistently. The brace is fixed to teeth with brackets and small elastic bands. Flexible wire connects the brackets and is gradually tightened to move teeth.

Functional braces

Functional braces can be used to change the way the jawbone grows. The strength of the jawbone and jaw muscles are harnessed in this type of brace to improve the way the upper and lower teeth fit together.