Contemporary Dental Care

a man receiving dental careFor a healthy life, it’s essential to have healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Even with a top-notch tooth-cleaning routine at home, one still needs the professional knowledge and skills of a good dentist.

A W1 dentalclinic like the Harley Street Dental Clinic provides a high standard of care in contemporary surroundings. They aim to look after their patients’ well-being by improving their oral health.

What’s on offer at a W1 dental clinic?

The prevention of disease is a key part of a dentist’s work. Regular check-ups allow the dentist to assess the patient for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. The early stages of these conditions can be very difficult for patients to notice at home. The dentist can provide up-to-date advice, based on the latest industry research on oral hygiene techniques. Some dentists also offer mouth cancer screenings.

Patients frequently visit the W1 dental clinic for cosmetic work. Common problems like tooth discolouration are treated with tact and efficiency. The teeth whitening process turns a grin full of unsightly stains into a dazzling smile. It’s a straightforward process, and can be carried out in the comfort of the patient’s own home.


Damage to the teeth can be repaired using materials that mimic their natural appearance. If the patient suffers from tooth loss, replacement teeth will be customised for efficient performance and appropriate appearance. A W1 dental clinic can offer dental implants, to give the patient a secure and long-lasting solution to the problems of missing teeth.

Dental future

Improving the position of the teeth can prevent poor hygiene. Crooked smiles are hard to keep properly clean, because of the awkward spaces in which bacteria and food particles can hide. A W1 dental clinic can offer a wide range of treatments that move the patient’s teeth into better positions. Hidden braces and transparent aligners stay discreet while they do their work. The unwanted attention that braces can attract is minimised.

Financial care

Contemporary dental care is delivered by friendly teams in comfortable surroundings. The cost of vital healthcare can be spread over many months. This enables patients to access the treatment they need at the time they need it.