Dental Implant: The Permanent Solution

Dental ImplantThere are many ways to combat missing teeth. Unlike the old times, you just have to live with gaps in your teeth if you lose them. Nowadays, you have an array of options to correct this problem. You may either get dentures, bridges or dental implants. While all of them may replace your missing tooth, dental implants offer more benefits than other appliance. Here are some of them.

No adjustment

Getting dental implants is simply getting an artificial replacement planted in your gums. You do not have to worry about the equipment falling off while you are speaking. There will not be any adjustment time for you to get used to them unlike in dentures. It is simply replacing your lost tooth and it will act like your real tooth. This makes the dental implants a long-term solution to missing teeth.

Prevents further problems

Losing a tooth causes more problems than just aesthetics. The teeth act as support for your whole jaw. It is what gives your jaw the shape and the foundation to your face, according to, dental implant provider in Leicester. A lost tooth triggers a domino effect on adjacent teeth, weakening them and the gums. This continuous loss affects your jaw and causes the skin on your cheek to sink in. You can prevent this future problems brought my lost tooth when you can restore the tooth and its foundation in your gums.

Taking care of a dental implant is much like how you treat the rest of your teeth. You do not have to put it in a glass of water or remove it before you sleep. Ask your dentist about getting a dental implant in Leicester. Check if it would be the best option in your case. If you want a more permanent solution to missing teeth, getting a dental implant is the way to go.