Dental implants: are they worth the expense?

Dentist with patient

Dental implants in Orpington are the most expensive way to replace lost teeth, and yet they are also often people’s first choice when they are faced with losing their teeth. Are they worth spending all that money? Let’s take a look at the benefits of dental implants.

In Orpington, dental implants are very popular and are becoming more so each year because they offer more advantages than the other two ways to replace lost teeth: partial or full dentures and fixed bridgework. Dental implants are available from various dentists, including Orpington Dental Care.

Replacing the root

The main difference with dental implants is the way they are anchored into the jawbone, mimicking the roots of natural teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, rely on adherence to the gums for their stability, and bridges are fixed to neighboring teeth and piggy bank on their roots.

Using real or artificial tooth roots for stability means that the patient gets 100% of their chewing power back and can continue to eat whatever they like. Patients with dentures only have about 25% of their previous chewing power and often have to live on a soft food diet. Giving up roast potatoes and crunchy apples can be very hard.

No other teeth are harmed

Having dental implants fitted does not harm other teeth. Having dentures fitted doesn’t either, but bridgework requires the teeth being used as buttresses to be ground down and fitted with buttress crowns and their lives as independent natural teeth are over.

Keeping the jaw strong

Having artificial tooth roots helps to preserve the integrity of the jawbone, which relies on the constant tremors from teeth biting together as the signal for the bone tissue to renew itself. Without these signals, the bone tissue resorbs, and it’s not long before the patient starts to develop the pointy chin, and collapsed-in cheeks associated with old age, which is in fact caused by a shrinking jawbone.

Getting dental implants in Orpington is the nearest thing to have natural teeth and many people seem to think that the cost is well worth it. Also, they can last for at least 15 years, possible decades, reducing the price compared to dentures and bridges in the long-term.