Discreet and comfortable braces in Orpington

Woman smiling with beautiful teeth

Being on the receiving end of a hard stare is remarkably uncomfortable, especially when one is trying to be professional. This is one of the main reasons why many adults, despite being aware that their teeth are letting them down, decide not to get them straightened. How little they know about the benefits of braces in Orpington! Very few adults need to suffer the discomfort and awkwardness of heavy-duty metal braces because for most realignments involving the teeth only, there are discreet and comfortable devices on offer.

People who are searching for braces in Orpington that don’t come with stares, comments and personal questions can visit a lot of dental practices, including Orpington Dental Care. Most offer a range of ingenious braces systems that now allow people to get their teeth straightened discreetly and quickly.

Jaw realignment

The evolution of adult braces over the last couple of decades has resulted in a plethora of devices that are far more discreet and comfortable, and offer quicker treatment times too. This has been driven by the discovery that a lot of alignment issues do not need the forces inherent in the heavy-duty braces aimed at youngsters in the 80s and 90s, which were designed to align the jaws as well as the teeth. Realigning the jawbone is work that needs to be done while it is still young and malleable and has not yet hardened, which happens during the teen years. NHS funding is available to help pay for correcting such severe bite issues, although there are long waiting lists as funding is not inexhaustible.

By the time people reach adulthood, if they still need treatment, it will be only the teeth that need realignment. Adult braces therefore are often aimed only at realigning the front six teeth, which can be seen when people talk, eat and go about their daily business. These teeth have only one root each, so they are easier to move, using less force. Smaller equipment can be used, and so fixed braces have smaller brackets that can be made of transparent ceramic and wires that are tooth-coloured.

Other braces systems employ mouth guard style clear aligners to push, rather than pull, teeth into position.