Drone Photography: The Tricks You Need to Know

drone photography

drone photographyWhenever we hear the word “drone,” the first thing that comes to mind is military-grade equipment armed with cameras and missile launchers. Today, drones – or more technically, unmanned aerial vehicles – have become more accessible to the point where even realtors use it to take photos and videos of the properties they sell.

Apparently, drones seem to be the next photography trend, which makes many wondering: how exactly do you begin in this craft? The first step is to buy a drone kit for sale in online and retail shops, but there are also other things you need to learn before you venture into drone photography, such as these:

Master drone navigation

Where many aspiring aerial photographers fail is the way they handle their drones. Sure, the concept of a remote control steering a UAV seems simple enough, but you need to know every detail on how you can control the craft. Remember: drones can still get pretty tricky in terms of navigation, mainly due to the newness of the technology. Moreover, do know that the way you fly a drone can differ when there’s an actual camera on it and otherwise.

Get the framing right

Drone photography is still taking photographs – only that you’re using a machine hovering midair. This means you still have to be excellent with the way you frame things. You have to rely on the screen of your drone kit to maintain a straight horizon, otherwise the whole picture would seem off and unbalanced. Perhaps the only trick you can use if you still haven’t mastered the framing aspect is to use a fisheye, but do know that lenses can only go so far. Photography, after all, is still an art form that depends on your skill.

Adjust light sensitivity

Don’t underestimate the difference of light settings when you’re shooting midair. The wrong setting on your camera would result in a highly overexposed photograph that would be useless no matter how many tweaks you try on it. Be aware of your surroundings and check how bright or dim the place is before you finalize your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings.

Drone photography may be new, but it’s not that hard to learn. Once you get a grasp of these basic techniques, you’ll surely capture breath-taking aerial photos is no time.

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