The Most Effective Form of Tooth Replacement

demonstration of a dental implant

Tooth loss is often associated with the elderly, however in truth it can strike at any age; perhaps as the result of an accident or injury or due to poor dental health. The consequences of tooth loss affect both the aesthetics of a person’s smile and their dental health. A loss in self-confidence isn’t uncommon when a tooth or teeth are lost near the front of the mouth. Depending on the number and position of lost teeth, eating and chewing can also be affected. The overall result is a diminished quality of life.

There are several solutions available, including dentures and bridges. However, neither of these options can provide the same level of function as dental implants – the most effective solution for tooth loss available today.

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How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are placed directly into the jawbone during a minor surgical procedure. After a period of healing replacement crowns, bridges or even dentures can be attached, depending on the number of teeth that need to be reconstructed. Dental implants in Basingstoke are therefore the only form of tooth replacement that restores both the tooth root and crown. This is what gives dental implants several significant advantages over dentures and bridges.

The benefits of dental implants

By replacing the roots of the missing teeth, dental implants protect the health of the patient’s jawbone. When tooth loss is left untreated or resolved using dentures or bridges, the jawbone starts to deteriorate over time. This is because it no longer receives stimulation from the missing tooth roots. Dental implants however allow vibrations from the replacement teeth due to eating, chewing and clashing together, to travel down into the jawbone and provide that vital stimulation. In this way, dental implants in Basingstoke help patients who have experienced tooth loss from developing the sunken-cheeked appearance so common among wearers of traditional dentures.

Being made of titanium also means that dental implants encourage local bone growth around them. This securely anchors them into the jaw, providing a level of stability that dentures cannot match.