Enjoy Your Meat: How Do You Like Your Steak, Sir?

SteakEvery steak lover has different preferences when it comes to how it should be cooked. Some want it brightly red and nearly raw, while others want it well-cooked, with no trace of pink in the middle.

Medium rare, medium, medium well – sometimes, the terms used can be confusing, especially when giving instructions on how to cook your steak.

Here’s a quick guide about the degrees of steak doneness:

Rare (internal temperature: 50 to 55 degrees C)

Rare steaks must have a warm middle, lightly charred outside part, and brown sides. When sliced, the middle part should be bright red in colour. Texture should be soft like raw meat. Restaurants serving steak in Brisbane, such as TheAllianceHotel.com.au, use a special meat thermometer to achieve the right doneness.

Medium rare (internal temperature: 55 to 60 degrees C)

Medium rare steaks should be pink, with a hint of red. The outside is typically dark brown with grill marks, while the sides should be well browned. The middle part is usually soft, and the surface is firm. This is mostly recommended as the ideal doneness of steak. In fact, many chefs prefer their steaks medium rare.

Medium (internal temperature: 60 to 65 degrees C)

A medium steak should have a large band of pink through its middle part, while the rest is grayish-brown. The outside is dark in colour, while the sides are rich brown. It is the ideal degree of doneness when cooking for a party, as many people prefer their steak medium.

Medium well (internal temperature: 65 to 69 degrees C)

Medium well steaks have only a hint of pink in the middle and a nicely charred outer part. The meat should be stiff, but the centre should still have a little squish. This is often the preferred doneness of people who don’t want colour in their meat, but do not want it overly cooked.

Well done (internal temperature: at least 71 degrees C)

Well done steaks are brown on the inside, without any hint of pink. The outer part must have a nice brown colour, but not burnt. This steak should feel solid to the touch. This is the hardest and longest to cook, and is ideal for people who don’t like steak.

With this guide, you can savour your favourite steak and enjoy your meal like a gourmet food critic would.