Finding a Dentist in Erskineville for the Whole Family

a family visits the dentist

People’s needs change as they go through their lives, especially when it comes to their teeth. So, it’s important to find a dentist in Erskineville that can cater to everyone’s dental needs, no matter what their age.

It can be hard to choose a dentist in Erskineville, from the many on offer, but it pays to have a good look round for one that can take care of each family member, no matter what their age. Such clinics include the Healthy Smile Centre in Rosebery.

Children’s Needs

Children’s teeth have a big enemy, the dreaded tooth decay. Kids are still learning the motor skills and discipline to maintain a healthy dental hygiene routine and, at the same time, they are very keen on sweet things. More sugar to feed the bacteria that cause decay. They need help to protect their teeth, and this comes in the form of fissure sealants and mineralising treatments.

Many children also need dental treatment to make sure that their teeth are well aligned. Sometimes it’s not just their teeth that need help but also their jaws that need to be properly lined up so that they come together to bite and chew effectively.


Having a great smile is very important for self-confidence, which leads to social connection. Adults need to be able to access cosmetic treatments to keep their smiles looking good as they go about their daily business. This could mean treatments to cover up chips and cracks, treatments to whiten stains or deal with minor alignment issues.

Older People

As people move into middle age, the issues become more about hanging onto teeth that have been doing service for decades. This means restorations such as crowns, and replacing lost teeth, with dental implants, dentures or bridges, and treating problems that can cause teeth to come loose and fall out, such as gum disease.


It’s also important to be able to access emergency treatment to deal with accidents and toothaches.


Draw up a list of needs, do an online search, draw up a shortlist and then go visit the dentist in Erskinevilleto see if the staff and the place feel warm and welcoming.