Focus on Cosmetic Dentistry in Leybourne

A dentist treating a patientThe services offered by a dentist can range from preventive and routine to artistic smile crafting. Cosmetic dentistry in Leybourne helps people to feel better about their smile. It can also be used to prepare for a special occasion or important work event. Whatever the parameters, the cosmetic dentist can rise to the challenge.

The attitude towards dental practices is changing. Rather than seeing them as places that only deal with clinical issues, people are beginning to understand what cosmetic dentistry in Leybourne can offer. They are discovering that they can walk into a practice, like One Smile Oral Care, and walk out again with a smile they can be proud of.

Some treatments take just an hour or so while others are more extensive. Some of the popular procedures included in the range of cosmetic dentistry in Leybourne include those discussed below.

Teeth whitening

Whitening is one of the quickest procedures and one of the most popular. It can be completed in little more than an hour. Custom-made equipment is used at most practices so that the patient can experience the benefits of trays that can hold gel close to their teeth. With the proper aftercare and advice, the results of a whitening treatment can last a long time.

Cosmetic teeth straightening

Teeth straightening requires more of a commitment, but the results can last a lifetime. Dentists have the knowledge and equipment they need to persuade the teeth to shift into optimum positions. This gives people a more confident smile, which they may have once thought not possible.


To cover a chip or crack, one of the best solutions is veneers. They can also be used to cover stains that do not respond to teeth whitening. Some people choose to have their visible teeth all covered with veneers so that they can have a uniform smile. One of the few requirements for patients who want to get veneers is that they have healthy teeth.

Getting started

A smile consultation is the best way to get started on a journey using cosmetic dentistry in Leybourne. This is where a dentist can assess the current state of a patient’s smile and suggest the most effective treatments.