Four Ways to Keep Your Home Safe for Children

Child Playing with electric plug

Having children at home is something that new couples usually look forward to. It could also be a challenge for some, however. It is always important to consider the children’s safety while bonding with them inside the house. Architecture firms in the UK explain that homeowners can do this by changing or improving certain interiors of the house.

Here is an in-depth look at what architects can do to make sure your home is safe for kids.

Non-Toxic Materials

Some kids randomly bite or lick whatever they get their hands on. This could be a danger if the curtains, pillows, or other furniture you have are made of materials with toxic substances. An architect can advise you on which materials to use that are safe from certain chemicals.

Electric Safety

Architects can also ensure that electric sockets, light bulbs, and wirings would be out of reach of unsupervised children. This could be done by placing power plugs or electric sockets in places only adults could reach. This way, you will avoid accidents like electric shocks or fires.

Cushioned Edges

Some furniture pieces have sharp edges that might wound kids. This requires you to cover the edges with cushions or other protective material so that it will not hurt kids. This is especially true if you have wooden furniture that could splinter or metal ones that are rusting.


For households with toddlers, it is necessary to have barriers installed near stairs, doors, and other areas that might lead outside or downstairs. Doing so prevents accidental falls from the stairs or injuries outdoors.

Having children at home is fun for the whole family. But it is also a responsibility that requires parents to ensure that their home is a safe place for their little ones. In doing so, accidents will be avoided and the family is free to bond with their children.