Getting Back that Bite

Set of Dental implants

There are many reasons why teeth fall out or have to be removed. An accident at work, an injury on the sports field or years of poor dental hygiene leading to decay and gum disease. When those teeth fall out, the consequences don’t end there. Cosmetic, lifestyle and dental repercussions continue. That is why patients would do well to seek professional dental care to restore their missing teeth. Dental implants in Cheltenham are one way for patients to regain their toothy smiles and restore their dental health.

One of several dental practices that offer dental implants in Cheltenham to restore one, several or an entire jaw of missing teeth is Cheltenham Dental Spa. Completion of this treatment can have transformative effects on a patient’s quality of life.

The consequences of tooth loss

Tooth loss can have an instant cosmetic effect on a patient’s smile, leaving them hesitant to show it off, with knock-on effects on their self-esteem and confidence. Problems with speech and eating can make social situations even more daunting. In the long-term, tooth loss also affects a patient’s dental health. Missing tooth roots cause the underlying jawbone to deteriorate and the gums to recede. This not only puts neighbouring teeth at greater risk of damage but can also result in a sunken-cheeked appearance.

How can dental implants in Cheltenham help?

Dental implants are designed to help patients overcome the consequences of tooth loss. These small titanium screws are placed directly in the jawbone, where they act as artificial tooth roots. Replacement teeth are then attached to the dental implants. By restoring both the missing crowns and roots, dental implants in Cheltenham provide the closest approximation of natural teeth available today. They protect the jawbone from deteriorating and give patients back full oral function. This means they can bite into whatever food they fancy, with full confidence that their replacement teeth won’t budge.

Who can have dental implant treatment?

Most patients who are in good general and oral health are suitable candidates for dental implants. For patients whose jawbones have already deteriorated following tooth loss, procedures are available to rebuild their jawbones to ensure the implants can be securely placed.