Getting that Beautiful Smile Back

Woman smiling with beautiful teethOnly someone who has seen their teeth gradually lose their beauty, either through decay or gum disease, can appreciate how distressing having an unattractive smile can be. Not being able to smile greatly affects people’s lives because smiling is such a vital part of interacting with others. However, the cosmetic dentist in Bromley can reconstruct people’s smiles and give them back their most vital non-verbal communication tool.

It is worth searching around for a good cosmetic dentist in Bromley, and if missing teeth are part of the problem, finding one that has the experience and skills to put in dental implants, such as those at Bromley Dental Practice, is worth the research.

Dental implants from the cosmetic dentist in Bromley form the foundations of what is called a smile makeover, for many people who need a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments to get the full power of their smile back.

Teeth that have been lost or are on the way can be replaced with dental implants, which are the only method of tooth replacement that gives people back the full functionality of the lost teeth. One implant can support up to three teeth on a bridge. They can also be used to stabilise dentures.

If other teeth are in a bad way but have still got healthy roots, they can be strengthened and covered with a crown. Having a good amount of tooth roots, whether natural or artificial, in the jawbone is essential to keep it in good condition. Without tooth roots, the jawbone quickly starts to shrink and lose density.

The porcelain used for crowns on dental implants can be colour-matched and sculpted to blend in with the other teeth. Dental technicians skilfully hand-craft the crowns, making sure they are appropriate in size and colour for the age of the patient.

Other teeth can also be whitened by the cosmetic dentist in Bromley. It is important to do this first and then match any artificial crowns, as porcelain does not respond to whitening.

If teeth have drifted out of place because of gaps from lost teeth, they can be straightened with cosmetic braces before any other work is carried out.