Going to a Casino? Try These 6 Brain Foods

Brain Foods

Brain FoodsFood is necessary for people to think sharp and make better decisions. Studies found that a human brain requires 10% of a calorie per minute for it to stay alive. The harder you think means the more calories your brain needs. This is applicable to gamblers, who are using their brain just as much as their money.

Before you hit the tables, it’s better to fill up your stomach with food. There are few hotels, such as The Regatta Hotel, where they serve food while the casino doors are open.

Pre-game Brain Enhancers

Although pilchards, sardines, and mackerel may not be among your favourite food, these can effectively increase your brainpower. EPA and DHA present in these oily fishes are helpful in boosting intelligence.

Research found that spinach can enhance your memory with its vitamins E and B content. Plus, it complements the fish well.

Empty stomach hinders proper thinking. As you’d be playing at the tables for longer hours, you need something that fills your stomach, as well. Baked potatoes keep you full without having to eat much after.

Complementary In-game Snacks

If you really can’t take the hunger while playing, you can go for some blueberries. Studies found that it prevents short-term memory loss and its vitamin C and antioxidant contents help you ease your stress.

To last the whole night and until the morning, eat dark chocolates. The darker it is, the more energy it can provide. The nutrients from cacao (main ingredient) effectively boost both your focus and energy.

Containing many polyphenols and alpha-Linoleic acid, you’ll less likely get memory block when you eat walnuts. Stress may rarely even occur as these acids keep the cortisol and adrenaline hormones at bay.

Whether you’ll gamble or not, you should always eat well. Gambling is supposed to be a fun and stress-releasing activity. Keep it that way and level the odds against the dealers by making the right decisions.

3 Comments on Going to a Casino? Try These 6 Brain Foods

  1. I find it more convenient that hotels with casino have a restaurant nearby. I don’t have to go outside to grab food or leave the hotel to play in casino. I love places like that. Guess I have to try that Regatta Hotel. I wish more hotels do the same, have everything at hand and close.

  2. Can eating before gambling really help us think better? I read an article somewhere wherein they advise not to eat because according to a study people think well when hungry. I haven’t really tried not eating before going to the casino. Can anyone here confirm which is true?

  3. Whether you eat or not, you’ll always end up losing all your money anyway. It’s a casino. You may edge out the dealer. But everyone knows nobody wins against the house. That’s a fact.

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