Great teeth don’t have to take forever

woman is a-okay and smiling in dental clinic

When people think about having their teeth straightened, they tend to think that braces treatment is going to go on forever, or, if not forever, at least a couple of years. But with Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, getting a lovely new smile will not even take a year.

In Glasgow, Six Months Smiles are a kind of brace that is designed to straighten out the front six social teeth. These are the teeth that are most on show when people talk and smile. They are available from accredited dentists, such as those at Park Orthodontics. It is worth shopping around for Six Month Smiles in Glasgow because prices can vary quite a lot.

Getting them from a general dental clinic can sometimes work out rather more expensive than getting them from a clinic that concentrates solely on braces treatments. This is because the latter is already set up to administer this kind of treatment and so does not need to pay massive set up costs to the braces company.

It is important to understand just what braces for adults are capable of. Many of the kinds such as Six Month Smiles are often said to be faster working than traditional braces but this is not really true. Treatment times are quicker because there are small movements involved.

That said, Six Month Smiles is a more discreet design than traditional metal bracket and wire braces, even though it uses the same mechanical principles. The brackets are smaller and are made of clear ceramic and the wires are finer and tooth-coloured. Therefore, the whole brace tends to blend in with the teeth rather than dominate them.

Patients who choose this kind of treatment need to be vigilant about keeping their braces clean, especially after eating. This prevents the ceramic from staining and becoming visible and it also stops mouth bacteria from building up to cause decay or gum disease.

When Six Month Smiles braces come off, and treatment takes 4-9 months usually, many patients choose to celebrate by getting their newly aligned teeth whitened too. Patients will have to wear a retainer indefinitely to keep their teeth in their new position.