Happy Memories

single tooth implantTooth loss is never a great experience. Having to cover a smile that was once complete can be frustrating, as people need their smiles to show their happiness. Different people lose their teeth for different reasons, two of them being injury or old age. When one tooth or several teeth are lost, it’s no good-looking back and wondering what could have been done differently. In Northern Ireland, dental implants are provided to patients who are in need of natural-looking replacements.

Dentists who are experienced in providing dental implants in Northern Ireland, such as Blue Sky dentistry, will tell a patient what to expect from treatment and ask them if they have any worries about the procedure. It is not unusual for some patients to feel nervous, which is why it is always useful discuss it with the dentist. That way, those who feel especially anxious can consider options like sedation.

How dental implants in Northern Ireland work

In Northern Ireland, dental implants are filling in the gaps of lost teeth and relieving people of wearing dentures. A small titanium screw is placed into the part of the jawbone where the tooth was lost. This acts as an artificial root but must first be given time to heal and integrate with the bone. Once healed, the screw can then anchor a replacement tooth. One implant can also be used to cover the loss several missing teeth on a bridge.

Dental implants not only enhance the appearance of a smile and give people back the confidence to show off their teeth, they also do a lot of good for a person’s oral health. Filling in the gaps means avoiding future complications, like gum disease or further tooth decay.

Lost and found

These replacement teeth are custom-made especially for individual patients, as everyone has their own way of smiling. That means not having to mix and match the new teeth with a patient, as they will be made by dental technicians to suit their mouth. The new ones will be made to match the remaining teeth and if someone has lost all of their teeth, the replacements will match their mouth and age.