Harnessing Solar Power Effectively

Solar panel

In many parts of the world, solar energy is abundant and freely available. Ironically, a substantial swathe of sunny areas lacks a steady source of electricity.  Solar energy is the quickest, cheapest and cleanest way to provide much-needed power. Solar panels are now available in all sizes and with widespread availability, prices are coming down too. Those using solar energy want a way to power their homes during the evening and night. According to ironedison.com, solar batteries are the solution to this problem.

Facts about solar batteries

Solar batteries are units which store excess energy generated during the day. Like a backup battery unit, a solar unit can be used during the evening when it is needed the most. Battery units store varying amounts of kW based on size. Made from lithium-ion, these batteries are lighter, cleaner and very efficient, compared to lead-acid batteries. These don’t require much maintenance either.

Advantages offered by solar battery units

The most obvious benefit is that solar batteries let users turn on the lights even at night. It costs a bit extra to set up but the savings, in the long run, offset any upfront costs.

Another huge advantage is that solar battery power is available even in inclement weather. Stored energy in the units keeps the lights on year-round.

In some countries, electricity producers are buying excess power generated by a home system. If you have a system in place which can power your home completely, it makes sense to use it and lower your energy bills. Since there is a huge uptick in the demand for solar energy, the cost of panels and battery units are much lower. Experts think that costs will be much lower in the next 5 years making it affordable for everyone.

There is no doubt that solar energy is the way to go, especially in countries where it is sunny.  It is good for the environment and reduces dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Become energy independent by investing in solar panels and batteries.