Healing Your Mind and Body with Cryotherapy

Modern operating room

When people hear the word “cryo,” the first image that comes to mind is Captain America waking up from his 70-year long cryogenic sleep. Who would’ve thought that cryogenics could make its way to the health and wellness industry?

What Is Cryotherapy?

Under cryotherapy, your skin reacts to cold temperatures, sending a message to your brain and prompting your bodily functions to work at their optimum level.

Cryospace.com explains that cryotherapy is a hyper-cooling treatment that exposes your body to sub-zero temperature. It’s one of the more innovative treatments in upscale spas. But it is more than a mere indulgence. Cryotherapy can facilitate healing so well that even athletes use it to treat injuries or as part of their training,

Healing the Body

This form of cold therapy can ease pain and promote healing for your tired muscles. Another term for it would be cryosurgery or the use of low temperatures for surgical treatment of abnormal or damaged skin tissues. It’s a good treatment alternative for joint and muscle disorders, like arthritis.

Cryotherapy is also a possible treatment for skin disorders, like eczema. If you have chronic skin inflammation, you may see some improvement with symptoms after several rounds of this cold therapy.

Healing the Mind

A study finds a connection between reduction of inflammation and cryotherapy. The therapy can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress due to dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and other age-related types of cognitive decline.

Cryotherapy could also manage anxiety and depression, according to a separate study in which participants experienced at least 50 percent reduction in symptoms.

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate the skin or seek treatment for injuries, this form of cold therapy may work to your advantage. It’s a safe treatment alternative for many ailments, from athletic injuries to skin disorders. But make sure to see your primary care physician before undergoing one.