Healthy Smiles in Hertfordshire

woman is a-okay and smiling in dental clinic

There’s a lot of talk about body language these days and the more psychologists delve into how humans connect, the more fascinating insights we receive about what’s really going on when two people sit down for a chat. The most important non-verbal communication tool we have is our smile. Think about it: in pre-historic times when human survival was on a knife-edge, what quicker or easier way was there to see if an approaching figure was friend or foe than to look for the bright glint of white teeth and the upturned corners of a smile?

And even in these less dangerous times, the human brain is still hard-wired to search for a smile as a sign of trustworthiness. It all happens within a split-second of meeting someone, it can’t be helped, it’s instinct: receiving a big, warm, genuine smile opens the human heart to connection. Anything less leaves us wondering whether we should trust or believe in the one in front of us. So, given the importance of the smile to human relationships, isn’t it strange that so many people in Hertfordshire avoid the one place that can help maintain it? Yes, that’s right, the dentist in Stevenage. Practices in the area, such as Smilecraft, offer a huge range of treatments to restore, maintain and brighten up the smile.

Every man, woman and child in the country should be running to their dental surgery for smile maintenance and yet the figures show this isn’t the case. According to National Smile Month, 25% of UK adults don’t visit the dentist for regular check-ups. This can be due to a range of factors, including financial constraints, time pressures and dental phobia. The modern dentist in Stevenage is well aware that patients experience a range of fears in relation to dental treatment and many offer services focused on helping nervous patients access the care they need.

And it’s not just fillings and root canals: at a dentist in Stevenage these days, you are just as likely to find a fresh breath clinic, help to stop smoking and sleep apnoea treatment, as well as all kinds of cosmetic work to bring out the best in any smile.