Healthy Soil: The Foundation of Effective Weed Control

close up of a hand putting soil on the ground

Why should you care about pest plants—weeds that grow where desirable plants should? When unwanted plants become established, they create an imbalance in the local ecosystem. A yard choked with weeds is unpleasant to behold. Moreover, these plants take away from the things you wish to propagate and nurture.

The foundation of weed control

When you care for the plants in your yard, you want the best for them. If you ask Salt Lake City yard weed control experts for advice, you might be surprised at their first recommendation. To prevent unwanted plants from taking over, Greenside Landscaping suggests that you aim to build a healthy soil.

The soil

Before scientists looked closely at the soil, the predominant belief is that this medium is lifeless and consists only of decaying matter. Now that we know better, there are techniques to build healthy topsoil to provide nutrients and habitat to desired crops. Farmers and gardeners use various strategies to maintain the soil with the right balance of oxygen, nutrients, and water. With the right approach, the soil provides the needs of the plants while also giving ample structural support.

Limiting disturbance

One of the most important guidelines for building living soil that nurtures plant life is to limit disturbance. Tilling the soil exposes it to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Turning the soil over oxidizes the carbon in the soil. Turning the soil routinely may denude microscopic life in the soil and disturb the delicate balance within. That said, experts in plant care recommend limiting disturbances to preserve the integrity of the soil, limit erosion, and discourage runoff of nutrients.

Other practices

Composting and mulching are recommended practices to supplement nutrition and maintain soil structure. Crop rotation helps minimize the presence and effects of pest insects. Keeping the soil protected with cover plants boost fertility and prevents weeds from propagating.

Weeds grow where you don’t want them. Maintaining a healthy soil is critical to discouraging weed growth.