High Expectations

Dental ImplantSociety these days seems to be highly focused on appearance; size zero models and Hollywood stars with their perfect teeth. However, most of us know that the majority of people can’t live up to the ‘ideal’ portrayed in today's media but it doesn’t stop it from negatively affecting our confidence.

Are missing teeth affecting your confidence?

Not all of us- well, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of us, don’t have a full set of perfectly straight pearly whites. However, some people do have missing teeth that are very easy to notice, especially when it’s a front tooth that's absent, making the gap highly visible during a smile. Dental implants could be the perfect solution to that missing tooth and the most effective way to restore a great smile.

How do dental implants work?

A dental implant is a titanium screw, that’s fixed into the jaw and topped with a tooth coloured crown. The implant has the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth and is the perfect way to restore your smile. Many dental clinics, such as Broadway Dental Clinic in Loughton recommend dental implants to their patients, as they’re really easy to look after and if cared for correctly, they could last a lifetime. Most people can receive dental implants without a problem, though each dentist will perform an assessment on each patient, prior to any treatment. The implant is fitted under a local anaesthetic and left to heal for around 2-4 months before the crown is added. Once the procedure is complete, the implant will be unrecognisable from your natural teeth and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Other benefits of dental implants

In addition to looking and feeling great, dental implants have other life altering benefits. Other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, can slide about and come out of the mouth when eating or talking. As dental implants are fixed, they will never move from their position, which helps to avoid any embarrassing situations and ensures that you can bite and chew your food without any difficulties. The biggest benefit dental implants offer, is the restored confidence they give to patients, allowing them to go about their day-to-day lives without feeling the need to hide their smile.